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.to listen in headphones

.output on Lava Church Records, the 01/01/2013 - Cassette - 35 copies
.http://lavachurch.blogspot.com (from Sarasota, Florida, US)


released November 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Kalkh-In(joy) Erode France

Drone Psychedelic - Space Dark Rock Doom Ambiant..

Exhausting & unsettled & introspective & underground stream - To listen only in the dark/wild, high in headphones ; (caring, at night, lying down)

KIJE is elsewhere, nowhere, far outside the world and deep inside the mind, in the unconscious conscious.
KIJE is in the introspective feeling void, just the void ; not in this dirty mark here
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Track Name: The future says kill yourself...
"Feel this cold, this cold and strange
And do you know why...
And let me have the reason to...
But feel this terrible cold, this strange cold, cold and strange
...with you, your crimes your lies your false mind.
Do you know the reason to...
And feel this cold, this cold and strange, this strange cold
It's time to kill your down future
Feel this strange cold, this strange cold, this strange cold"
Track Name: Every place have an abroad feeling
"Every place have an abroad feeling, and in
Any places are an abroad feeling, and your...

Track Name: Hype is dead
"Have a knife, have a gun, have a dream in sky
Keep in eyes silver gold ever know in space
Have a tear, have a ruin, have a burning skin
Have a vision, have a reason, have a way in stars (far away in stars)

Paranoid, you will be a paranoid, you have a paranoid inside

Radio, in your radio, there are murders in your radio
Radio, in your radio, there are murderers in your radio"